"Dr. Chingchai Wanid"
Chingchai Wanidworanun, MD, PLLC

A primary care practice in general Internal Medicine serving the Washington DC metroplitan area from an office at the Ballston Metro in Arlington Virginia.

HIV Medicine

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Dr. Wanid provides thorough and caring treatment for all stages of HIV disease.
Diagnosis and counselling: During an initial consultation, patients can discuss the symptoms and treatments of HIV/AIDS. HIV testing is available for those uncertain about their HIV status. Immediate treatment may prevent infection following unprotected sex or needlestick injury. Counseling is available on "safer sex" and other practices that minimize the risk of infection to patients or their partners.

Evaluation and treatment of HIV: Long-term success in HIV treatment depends on effective suppression of HIV virus replication. Treatments are adjusted to the needs of individual patients based on current HIV treatment guidelines and the medical needs, medical history and other factors specific to each patient. Patients are aggressively treated with a combination of anti-HIV virus drugs known to maintain the most favorable outcomes. Viral loads, immune and general health status are constantly monitored and medications adjusted accordingly. We keep vigilant for possible emergence of drug resistance and promptly adjust medications to reverse the unfavorable trend.

Side effects and opportunistic infections: Depression, nausea, anemia, and other symptoms may arise during the course and treatment of HIV infection. While some side effects of medications do happen, we find that they frequently can be reduced or eliminated by careful choice of medications, adjusting medication dose or other treatments. We take the time necessary to provide the treatment regimen that fits the individual needs of each patient.

Dr Wanid is certified as an HIV Specialist by the American Academy of HIV Medicine.